Irish Free Stateism = Capitalism

Free Stateism will again come to the fore as Brexit starts to press upon the Irish people. Watch how the Blueshirts cut the OSC loose should financial pressures start to form across the south.

Rebel Voice

Partition in Ireland, in 1922, was made possible because a large portion of the adult population of the twenty-six counties readily agreed to it. By accepting the illegal, undemocratic and immoral division of our national territory, Free Staters effectively turned their backs upon hundreds of thousands of Nationalist men, women and children in the Occupied Six Counties, abandoning them to their sorry fate at the hands of a vindictive, supremacist, colonial, Unionist regime.

This action was the single greatest act of treachery perpetrated by one group of Irish people upon another. Yet academics and others attempt to play down the perfidious conduct of Free Staters, spinning it as somehow necessary. In a house fire, do members of a family abandon their siblings to their fiery fate, or do they risk all in an attempt to save their kin?

Such a mind-set, as evidenced by Free Stateism, corresponds perfectly with that…

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