British Nationalism Hung Out To Dry By Scots

There are those amongst the British nationalist apologists in Scotland who accuse independence supporters of romanticism, of dealing in distortions of fact, but it’s a fact that there is no proponent of Scottish independence who would ever come out with something as ludicrously batshit as an article which was published this week in a site […] […]

Unionist Bigots Force Six Counties To Brink, 1974

This short documentary looks at the Workers Council Strike of 1974, when embittered Unionists in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland decided to protest against the power-sharing Sunningdale Agreement. Both mainstream Unionists and paramilitaries, as well as elements from the RUC and UDR, stood together at illegal roadblocks in a demonstration of their bigotry and […]

British State Forces And Their Unionist Paramilitary Partners

For anyone who wants to receive true insight into some of the disgraceful methods used by British state forces and their proxies within the paramilitaries of Unionism, I suggest that you first read this book, Lethal Allies, by the English journalist, Anne Cadwallader. It did not get the publicity that it deserved, upon release, due […]

‘Twelve’ Is Celebration Of Sectarianism

As the Day of Hate (12th July) moves closer, I wonder how many stop to think about why that particular day is chosen as an official holiday. The ‘Twelve’ was originally a remembrance of the Battle of Aughrim which then incorporated a similar remembrance of the Battle Of the Boyne (fought 1st July). It should […]

Comic’s Take On Flegs In OSC

This joker has offered up a simplistic solution to the problem of flags, or flegs, in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). The short piece does illustrate the variety of symbols to be found in the OSC, and how easy it is to get bogged down in the argument. For the record, Rebel Voice recommends that […]

Unionist Versus Nationalist

Here we have a typical Unionist sweetheart, who likes to be seen and heard. Compare with the video that follows. And here we have a typical Nationalist/Republican sweetheart who we might like to see and hear. Unionism is screwed… ahem…  

British Political Leader Damns DUP

Nick Clegg is the former leader of the British Liberal Democrats. In this clip he is speaking about a potential alliance between the DUP and David Cameron’s Tory party. Clegg’s fears have now been realized, as the Conservatives of today are seen kowtowing to a Unionist party that is described by Clegg as having ‘regressive, […]

Hate the Uniform, Not the Man

Recently, I had cause to recall an incident from my youth (not today or yesterday) when I encountered a member of the British Army who was stationed at that time in my home region of the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland. It was a summer weekend and I was in Cookstown, a small, politically-mixed […]

Irish Free Stateism = Capitalism

As calls for a border poll grow in strength in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland, the reasons for the partition of the Irish nation are coming under close scrutiny like never before. Rebel Voice is taking a look at this catastrophic event as it approaches its centenary. Partition in Ireland, in 1922, was made […]