Palestine And The Resistance Of Photography

The following video is a Luxembourg initiative shaped around the use of photography to document and highlight the abuses carried out by the Israeli regime against the long-suffering people of Palestine. Such work is very important, as it prevents the fascist forces of Israel from hiding or smothering the truth of the occupation and the […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Facebook

Lately, a regular contributor to this blog was telling us about a recent ban that was forced upon him by Facebook. The exact reasoning for the ban was never made clear and he is none the wiser as to why it was imposed as his activities had not changed. The ban centred around a prohibition […]

You’re Anti-Semitic If…

As Zionism is an ideology based upon the concept of hiding the truth from the world, whilst simultaneously spreading lies and deceiving the people, Rebel Voice has decided to confront just one of the nasty tactics employed by Israel and supporters of the rogue Zionist state. Today, when a person steps forward to condemn the […]

Israel’s War On Children and Civilians – A Video Record

The list of atrocities committed by Israelis upon the Palestinian people is endless. Thousands have been slaughtered in airstrikes and artillery bombardments. Yet it is the personal stories that are recorded most often, and these social records help to give us some insight into the mindsets of those who perpetrate Israeli violence. These many incidents […]

Hidden Truth, Sci-fi Reality

I sometimes wonder if our reality is becoming evermore similar to works of fiction. Could it be that movie scripts and novels are plotting the path for humanity’s development? That’s a scary thought given the levels of technology proposed in the imaginations of writers. This short clip clues us in to the way in which […]

Irish News – Pattern Of Right-wing Editorials?

The following letter to the Irish News paper, in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland, was not published. The paper has a reputation for refusing to publish any letters that criticize editorial content. Such insecurities should be exposed. It is also a paper with strong links to the Catholic Church, which has always been (insofar […]

Facilitating a Zionist agenda

The following letter was sent to the newspaper, The Irish News, the leading Nationalist publication in both the Occupied Six Counties and the northern half of Ireland, by a regular follower of Rebel Voice.. The paper has on occasion published reports with a decidedly pro-Israeli bent. It is also a fiercely Catholic paper. We, at […]