Israel’s War On Children and Civilians – A Video Record

The list of atrocities committed by Israelis upon the Palestinian people is endless. Thousands have been slaughtered in airstrikes and artillery bombardments. Yet it is the personal stories that are recorded most often, and these social records help to give us some insight into the mindsets of those who perpetrate Israeli violence.

These many incidents deserve to be recorded forever and remembered. The Israelis responsible should not be pardoned. Those who must be held to account for such vile actions are not just the psychopathic soldiers or paramilitary colonizers, but also those politicians and military advisers who send such lowlife into Occupied Palestine to oppress and attack the people.

Remember, no matter what Israel might say, no matter what the allies of Israel might say, no matter what the media in thrall to Israel might say;

Resistance is not terrorism.

(note: some of the following video footage contains graphic and disturbing imagery. Caution is advised)

The Israeli soldiers in the next clip demonstrate their lack of humanity when dealing with a young Palestinian boy.

Next we have a small child who pleads with the fascists forces of Israel not to abduct his father. We can be forgiven for wondering just how such trauma will affect a child like this. The questions must be asked, will this little boy grow up to respect Israel? Should he?

There are so many videos of Israelis forces assaulting Palestinian men that it is not feasible to show them all here. The following videos are good examples of what all Palestinians must be wary off, that is, the abject brutality of the rogue state of Israel.


In the next clip an Israeli soldier throws a disabled Palestinian man out of his wheelchair. This attack took place after a young woman was shot. She lies gravely wounded nearby. CAUTION ADVISED. GRAPHIC CONTENT.

The following video went viral and for very good reasons. In the clip we can see the truth about the Israeli forces and their psychology. The IOF has an abnormally high number of sociopaths.

Please copy and share these images so that the world might know the truth.

She rose to prominence after she was filmed confronting a soldier who arrested her brother, which resulted in her being presented with a bravery award

Spreading the truth about Israel, and its bloody tactics, is the best way to pressurize western governments into stopping Israel’s drive to destroy Palestine and her people.

According to an Israeli army spokesperson, the boy in the pictures was accused of throwing stones at IDF soldiers and was arrested

The following image speaks louder than a thousand words.

The Israeli soldier is said to have put the young boy in a headlock at gunpoint following a march against Palestinian land confiscation to expand the Jewish Hallamish settlement in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh

Although the UN clearly condemned the Israeli shelling of a UN refugee centre in Gaza which killed many civilians, including children (see next 2 videos), Israel today continues to display the same callous disregard for the lives of Palestinians. Israelis view Palestinians as sub-human and therefore feel no remorse about the murder of the people of Palestine. This also explains the casual introduction of Apartheid policies, by Israel, in the Occupied Territories of Palestine.

In the following video, Israeli soldiers use rocks to break the arm of a Palestinian youth.

In the next news report, we hear details of how Israel targeted 4 Palestinian children in Gaza in 2014 with artillery shells fired from a naval vessel. Foreign journalists witnessed the attack and subsequent murder of the 4 children. No Israeli was punished for these murders.

The forces of the rogue state of Israel have long used children and other civilians as human shields. It is illegal under international law. Israel repeatedly ignores all laws which would impede their murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing and slaughter.

We can see again how Israelis treat the children of Palestine in the following video.

Finally, we will hear how Israel refuses to acknowledge the killing of children by its forces. It is disgraceful and unacceptable that Israel would kill children, but it is disgusting that they would attempt to tell lies about the death of the young boy. Mohammed is one more, of many children, killed by the rogue state of Israel.

Please share this article widely. It is important that continuous pressure be placed on Israel and its allies. Palestinians have nothing to hide from the truth. Israel has everything to lose. It is time that the conscientious people of the world took it from them.


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