War, Truce Or Lifting The Siege: Israeli Plans For Greater Israel

The main idea established in the minds of Israelis last week was that a new war against the Gaza Strip will be of no use to Israel. The country’s military analysts have grasped this idea, which they seem to have concluded from a briefing given by the Israel Defence Forces. However, this has not stopped… via […]

Israel Attacks Protesters In Ramallah – ISM Report

On Monday the 14th of May at 11am, thousands of Palestinians gathered in Arafat Square in Ramallah and proceeded to march to Qalandiya checkpoint to confront Israeli forces. The US embassy was officially moved to Jerusalem on this same day. Palestinians held signs and placards to assert their right of return and in remembrance of… via […]

Life In A Palestinian Ghetto

In this video from TeleSur, Tariq Ali chats with journalist, Amira Hass, about the ongoing protests in Gaza and the Right to Return movement. They discuss the political situation across Palestine and the social circumstances in Israel. – If you care about these issues, please share this –

Israel’s War On Children and Civilians – A Video Record

The list of atrocities committed by Israelis upon the Palestinian people is endless. Thousands have been slaughtered in airstrikes and artillery bombardments. Yet it is the personal stories that are recorded most often, and these social records help to give us some insight into the mindsets of those who perpetrate Israeli violence. These many incidents […]

Palestinian Children Voice Solidarity With Prisoners

Today, 26th April, 2017, in Ramallah in the Occupied West Bank, a special protest took place in support of the Palestinian political prisoners currently on hunger strike. The demonstration was attended by a wide swath of Palestinian society. People came out in solidarity with the political prisoners who are determined to secure their human rights, […]

Palestinian Students March For Political Prisoners

Please find below, a selection of photos from Ramallah, as the students from Birzeit University came onto the streets today, 25th April, 2017, in support of the political prisoners of Palestine who are currently on hunger strike in protest at their barbaric treatment by the Israeli regime. It stirs the soul, and the blood, to […]