Hidden Truth, Sci-fi Reality

I sometimes wonder if our reality is becoming evermore similar to works of fiction. Could it be that movie scripts and novels are plotting the path for humanity’s development? That’s a scary thought given the levels of technology proposed in the imaginations of writers.

This short clip clues us in to the way in which technological advances are being misused in the pursuit of greater control over the people. Facebook, and yes I know I utilize it, is becoming a voracious consumer of personal information.

Information is key, and the flow of information is power. State agencies are moving swiftly and silently in acquiring the means of control of our information, and in packaging global information in away that best suits their agendas.

Can this insidious practice be successfully opposed by using the same methods that morally bankrupt state agencies and governments employ? Truthfully, I don’t know. Sometimes, in order to change a system, we have to work outside the system, perhaps even breaking it down before rebuilding in a more benevolent manner.

Our world is changing fast. They, the controllers and the comptrollers, are trying to stay many steps ahead of us so that they might continue to ply their sordid wares to an ignorant populace. By the time we all realize how far they are into our futures, it may be too late…

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