C.J. Box – Meet The Author

This is a brief introduction to the famous US author, C.J. Box, in which he speaks about his famous Joe Pickett series among other things. Sometimes it’s nice to hear the author’s actual voice as opposed to the one he places into the reader’s head. Rebel Voice’s last review of a C.J. Box novel can […]

Shooting Stars – Vic And Bob

Here is an episode from the very popular TV quiz show featuring two of the most irrational and wacky British comedians of them all. – If you care, give it a share –

Cimarron Rose – A Novel By James Lee Burke

Cimarron Rose   by James Lee Burke This is the first book in the highly popular Billy Bob Holland series, set in the Texas borderlands in contemporary times. Ole Billy Bob is a defence lawyer, once a public prosecutor, once a Texas Ranger. He has a tendency to carry his Ranger skills and attitudes into his […]

Ed Sheeran And Andrea Bocelli

This is a beautiful version of the classic Ed Sheeran track, Perfect Symphony. Both performers are extremely likeable people, and extremely talented. The video is fantastic as it provides some insight into Andrea’s life and home. – If you care, give it a share –

Indian Insight On Palestinian Village Life

This light documentary follows an Indian film crew as they visit two Palestinian villages to explore life in this beautiful and ancient part of the Middle East. The footage is very informative and takes the viewer into the homes of regular people as the presenter speaks with the residents. This is not strictly a political […]

Pennywise – Which Is Best, Then Or Now?

This light look at the two versions of the terrifying adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, IT, compares the two different takes on the psycho clown, Pennywise. Only brave readers should look into this, as Pennywise may enter your dreams. You don’t want Pennywise in your dreams, do you? – If you care, give […]