Top 10 Dangerous Snakes

As Rebel Voice is based in Ireland, we do not have any serious problems with snakes here, other than those who slither along the political corridors of power and through religious establishments. That said, Irish people do have a fascination with our slimy friends – no, not the politicians but the snakes – and enjoy […]

Top 10 Western Movies

Don’t worry little lady, I’ll fix your wagon. It’s a genre of movie that appeals to men, hairy men who scratch their balls in public and have farting contests and spit really far. The Western has been around for a long time and shows no signs of ever going away. And it’s a good thing […]

Egypt’s Human Rights Abuses In Sinai

Even by the standards of Egypt’s dirty war the video circulating this week of a young boy pleading for his mother moments before he was shot in central Sinai was heartbreaking. When it comes to Egypt we hear a lot of figures – 60,000 political prisoners, 1,000 protesters massacred in a single day, 378 enforced… via […]

Canadian Government Experiments Upon Indigenous Children

It’s shocking to think of how badly First Nations people were treated by the various colonial administrations across the world. Of course, it was always the indigenous children who suffered the most. In Canada, a nation that today prides itself upon being pluralist, democratic and humanitarian, the authorities were every bit as bad as those […]

Daughter Of Eden – Chris Beckett

Daughter Of Eden  by Chris Beckett This is book 3 in the renowned Sci-Fi trilogy by the English author, Chris Beckett, and was first published in 2016. Rebel Voice has already reviewed the first instalment, Dark Eden, but sadly didn’t get a chance to enjoy book 2, Mother of Eden, yet. However, Daughter of Eden […]