Temple, Gods and Sacrifice in Ireland

It’s colder now, and wetter. The men stand nervously huddled within the shadowy chamber. They lightly restrain their drugged victim, as a steadily weakening sun falls ominously to mark the end of the year. The climate has cooled, the crops are yearly failing. To appease their fickle deities the tribesmen must make a powerful sacrifice. […]

New York Diner Dope

 Recently I had cause to recall a visit I made to New York city some years ago. On the day in question, I had visited a diner to get a bite to eat and had just sat down when I was approached by a fresh-faced, pleasantly attractive waitress.   The exchange went as follows: – […]

The Celtic Isles

I constantly read and hear the term ‘The British Isles’ employed to describe the islands of both Ireland and Britain. This is a colonial misnomer. Ireland is not, never was and never will be British regardless of the wizened wishes of a discontented minority upon the island of Ireland. Of the six nations within these […]

Stalinist Catholicism

Much debate centres upon the place of religion, particularly Catholicism, within modern Irish society. Claims and counter-claims are bandied about. Allow Rebel Voice to add to this heady Irish stew. There are striking similarities between Christianity, as countenanced by the Roman Catholic Church, and Communism as enacted within the former U.S.S.R. Both Christianity and Communism […]

Zionism, Unionism, and their slow learners

As I browse both newspapers and online platforms, I am regularly saddened to see confused contributions from certain obtuse individuals in relation to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. I suspect that each of this small handful of Ulster Unionist commentators will have a complete and unrelenting command of ‘The Sash’. This aspect of their character […]

Zionism Is A Delusion

As a participant in occasional on-line polemical debate with Zionists, I am always struck not by what they say, but by all that they don’t. Zionists have great difficulty in justifying their ideology, based as it is upon the text of the Tanakh (the ancient Hebrew bible from which is derived the Christian Old Testament). […]

The Amona Distraction

It was with resignation that I read the recent Irish News article entitled, ‘Israeli forces evict Jewish settlers from Palestinian land’ (Feb 2nd). The story concerned the eviction of 250 illegal settlers from the Amona settlement in the Occupied West Bank.  The narrative attempted to portray the Israeli PM, Netanyahu, as something of a peacemaker […]