Volcanic Pyroclastic Flow Explained – Footage Shown

Pyroclastic flows are the stuff of nightmares. Super-heated dust-clouds sweeping down a volcano at incredible speeds consuming all before them. The population of Pompeii, or what’s left of them, are a good example of the destructive capabilities of this natural terror. What follows are three videos demonstrating the unstoppable force of the pyroclastic flow.

In this next piece of footage, we can see a pyroclastic flow in action. The lethal cloud resembles a monster from a 50’s B-movie as it sweeps down the mountain. It’s easy to see how Pompeii fell to such a seemingly sentient force.

Finally, we have a reconstruction of the last day of Pompeii. It provides us with a good understanding of the terrifying power and destructive capabilities of nature via pyroclastic flows.

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