Gaza – Israel Turns Homes Into Hell

Data is useful. It can provide figures that will help prove facts. But what data can’t do is give an insightful depiction of life in an area under constant siege by a murderous and barbaric military force, such as Israel.

Gaza had been completely destroyed in large parts. 2 million people are trapped on a piece of land that is effectively shut off from the outside world. The images escape though. We know what is going on there. We see how the Zionist regime is consistently launching attack after attack, provocation after provocation. Yet we also see how the world remains inactive, watching as Israeli makes life in Gaza untenable.

The rogue state of Israel has its master-plan. It wants nothing less than total control of all of Palestine. It is ruthlessly and systematically cleansing the land of its indigenous people. Those people are called Palestinians.

The following looks at life in the besieged area. It informs us of more than just data. It gives us the lives of the people. Perhaps we owe them more than just sympathy, more than juts kind words. Perhaps we owe them action.

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