UN: 10,000 new jobs to be created in Gaza —

UN Special Coordinator Nickolay Mladenov yesterday revealed that the UN is preparing work projects to create 10,000 job opportunities in the Gaza Strip.During his participation in the Palestine Youth Summit 2030 – which was held simultaneously in the besieged Gaza Strip and occupied West Bank – Mladenov said: “We are working on specific projects aiming… via […]

Gaza’s Beach – A Temporary Refuge From Israeli Oppression

For the people of Gaza, life under siege from the rogue state of Israel is an everyday battle to survive and maintain their dignity. The people there are proud and do not want hand-outs. They want their lives back. They want respect. They want safety. They want freedom. The coastline of Gaza, whilst patrolled by […]

81-Year-Old Swede Sails On Palestinian Freedom Flotilla

In this short piece to camera, an 81-year-old Swedish man, Jan Stromdahl, speaks about his decision to join the freedom flotilla as it makes its way to Gaza in an attempt to break the immoral and illegal Israeli blockade. It’s refreshing to learn about someone who could be sitting at home enjoying his retirement, but […]

Gaza – Israel Turns Homes Into Hell

The people of Gaza are suffering more than should be humanly possible. They are victims of the rogue state of Israel. The following piece looks at how Israeli outrages affect the daily lives of the people in that most besieged part of Palestine.

Flotilla 2018 Set For Gaza

It’s heartening to see humanitarian activists desperately trying to break the siege of Gaza and highlight the continuing injustices being meted out to the people there. It goes without saying that the Israeli regime will prevent a successful conclusion. However, any publicity emanating from the attempt to breach the rogue state’s oppressive encirclement of Gaza, […]

Israel builds marine barrier north of Gaza —

Israel began construction of a marine barrier off the northern coast of the Gaza Strip on Sunday. Israeli news website Ynet reported that the naval barrier, which is being headed by the Ministry of Defence, is designed to prevent potential “infiltration of a Hamas terror cell” into Israel from Gaza. The multi-million dollar project is […]