Gaza’s Beach – A Temporary Refuge From Israeli Oppression

For the people of Gaza, life under siege from the rogue state of Israel is an everyday battle to survive and maintain their dignity. The people there are proud and do not want hand-outs. They want their lives back. They want respect. They want safety. They want freedom.

The coastline of Gaza, whilst patrolled by deadly Zionists gunboats, is a place where the population can go to feel a small sense of normality in a turbulent world. It’s there they can enjoy some of the same things that people across the world do. They swim. They relax. They play. But it is all in the shadow of Israeli oppression and brutality which is never far away.

The people of Gaza have been under siege for 11 years. They could be forgiven for thinking that the world has forgotten them. Yet, still, they try to carry on with their lives the best they can. That, alone, makes them a people who are certainly worthy of our respect.

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