GAA Hurling Highlights – All-Ireland Final 2017 – Galway v’s Waterford

The Gaelic sport of Hurling is the greatest team sport on this planet or any other. Rebel Voice states this as an impartial, Gaelic, GAA-loving, hurling-admiring commentator.

No other sport combines the physicality, grace, skill and sheer courageous determination that hurling encompasses. It is an art-form showcased on the field of play. Should anyone be interested in appreciating this most beautiful of games, then they can do no better than to watch any All-Ireland semi or final.

The following highlights demonstrate just how magnificent the tough yet majestic sport of hurling really is. Has Rebel Voice won you over yet?

(note: the GAA did not pay for this promotion because everyone knows they’re tighter than a duck’s ass)

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