Pink Floyd – Money [Rock]

Here is a statement upon the obsession with money that currently exists within our species. It tells us that greed might pay, but it can never create a decent society. False idols abound and Pink Floyd are happy to point them out to us. Let us all instead worship at the alter of the great […]

You’re Anti-Semitic If…

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
As Zionism is an ideology based upon the concept of hiding the truth from the world, whilst simultaneously spreading lies and deceiving the people, Rebel Voice has decided to confront just one of the nasty tactics employed by Israel and supporters of the rogue Zionist state. Today, when a person…

Dodgers – Novel By Bill Beverly

Dodgers by Bill Beverly This impressive novel has been lauded and applauded by many commentators, including The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Irish Times to name but a few. The praise is strong and well deserved. Dodgers is a very fine read indeed. East is a 15-year-old black gang member from Compton in LA. […]

In Search Of Racism And Racists

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
Lately, Rebel Voice had cause to give thought to the wider topic of racism – what it is and where it is to be found. Observers will have noticed the recent increase in both Islamophobic and racist sentiment in western nations, particularly the US. Thoughtless fools, such as Trump, spew…

Red Dirt

Originally posted on Rebel Voice:
Red Dirt  by E.M. Reapy Hopper, Fiona and Murph are members of the shameful, coercive migration of Irish young people to Australia after the collapse of the Celtic (Papier Mâché) Tiger. For those of you unfamiliar with said circumstances, I will summarize. A shower of greedy bastards destroyed the economy of…

Silk Road – Ancient Trade HighwayExplained

This is a flying visit to the famed Silk Road, which wasn’t made of silk and wasn’t a single road. It did have silk on it, probably trendy boxer shorts worn by Bedouin traders as they sold dates and palm oil and mobile phones. Anyhow, the following video is a basic introduction to these trading […]