Flotilla 2018 Set For Gaza

It’s heartening to see humanitarian activists desperately trying to break the siege of Gaza and highlight the continuing injustices being meted out to the people there. It goes without saying that the Israeli regime will prevent a successful conclusion. However, any publicity emanating from the attempt to breach the rogue state’s oppressive encirclement of Gaza, […]

7 Scariest Movie Moments

Just about everyone loves a good scare. Even children love to hear a scary story although their parents may not relish the nightmares that come later. Psychologists have many theories about why we want to be frightened in this way. But really, who cares? Surely the important thing is that we like it, and the […]

Trump A Puppet Of Republican Jewish Coalition?

One of the famous moments of the presidential campaign was back in December 2015 when Donald Trump told the Republican Jewish Coalition that he didn’t want their money, or their control. “You’re not gonna support me because I don’t want your money. You want to control your politicians, that’s fine.” Those words are among Trump’s […]

Pearl Jam – Grunge – Jeremy

Pearl Jam are one of the greatest rock bands ever to have emerged from the USA. Not only do they have great music with profound lyrics, they are also a bunch with morals and principles, not so common in our increasingly fickle world. Enjoy. – If you enjoyed this, please share – 

Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

It seems that the walking dead are everywhere these days, reality TV, politics, the Tories, Israel, the White House. A culture has grown up around what means could be employed for survival in the event of such an apocalyptic scenario. Let’s hope that life doesn’t imitate art, in this case. – If you enjoyed this, […]

John Denver – Moreton Bay (Folk)

This is a lesser known song of the brutalities meted out to the Irish who found themselves transported to the penal colonies in Australia. Many of the airs used in these laments are used time and again, although the fine lyrics negate any boredom with the melody. Here, John Denver tackles the song during a […]