Jewel – Down So Long (Pop)

An easy listening track to ease you through your day. Relax, put the dog out, raise your alcoholic beverage and toast the greatness that is Jewel (then let the dog back in and go and clean up the crap that he left all over your neighbour’s garden (whinging bastards). If you enjoyed this, please share

Unionists Continue With Campaign Of Bigotry In Irish Occupied Six Counties

Regular visitors to Rebel Voice will be familiar with how the Unionist population, or a large portion of it, behaves with a complete lack of respect towards their Catholic and Nationalist neighbours. One symptom of these supremacist attitudes is the existence of what is known as the loyal orders. One in particular dominates. The Orange […]

Israeli Policy Of Ethnic Cleansing Continues In Palestine – Village Attacked

The following piece looks at the Israeli policy of demolishing Palestinian villages in the Occupied Territories, in particular Khan al-Ahmar which is currently under attack. The Zionist regime has long adopted an approach whereby they select certain areas as targets and then move to confiscate and annex the land there. Although this is in breach […]

Only the Present – Poem By Resident Poet, A.D.

Here is a light bit of verse from our resident poet. It expresses sentiment that most of us can understand. The niggling thought that perhaps we could have done things differently. Only the Present Springs a wish upon a thought, The past still yet to come, Held loosely in a drifting clasp Of hedonistic fun; […]

Vlad The Impaler – Meet The Man

He must be one of the best known but least understood leaders in history. We know him as the fictional character, Dracula, Lord of the Nosferatu. But Vlad the Impaler lived and was all too real. The following vid gives us an introduction to this legendary ruler of the Romanian Carpathians, and there’s not a […]