TARA – Paramilitary Group With Unionist Paedophiles

Here’s another chance to read about TARA, the shadowy Unionist paramilitary group in the Irish Occupied Six Counties that sheltered paedophiles and associated scumbags.

Rebel Voice

In the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, there  is an alphabet soup of Unionist paramilitary organisations that have existed since the foundation of that particular sectarian gerrymander. Many have been listed in the Rebel VoiceBook Review section when the book, UVF, was dealt with.

One of those mentioned was the shadowy and little known TARA.

This was a sectarian organisation that was based upon a type of evangelical Protestantism. Many Unionist groups have, over the years, comfortably intertwined both religion and politics. Many have worked hand in hand with the sectarian Orange Order which is a sizable association in Ireland and Britain that is strongly, and often violently, opposed to what it refers to as Popery (Catholicism).

The leader of TARA was a paedophile known as William McGrath who was exposed as a vile sexual predator in 1980 and subsequently convicted. He became known…

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