New FBI Documents Released Indicate Israel Had Prior Knowledge Of 9/11

There are still many questions that remain unanswered about what really took place on 11th September, 2001, when 2,977 innocent people lost their lives in terrorist attacks in the USA. The official line is that the hijacking of the aircraft, and their use as missiles, was entirely the work of Al Qaeda. But, as time has progressed, new evidence keeps coming to light that suggests that this is not the full story.

It can be easy to dismiss such questioning as the work of ‘conspiracy theorists’. But that is a naive way to approach such tragedies. It has been proven, again and again, that governments across the globe do engage in subversive activity in their pursuit of victory for whatever agenda is at play at any given time. The Watergate scandal should be proof enough that government officials cannot and should not ever be blindly trusted.

Yet, today, many citizens still prefer to ignore all evidence that would cast doubts upon official explanations for momentous events. Why? That’s a question that in itself would require a sizeable article to explain. There are those, however, who refuse to be led by government propaganda. They continue to ask the hard questions even if that means being derided by the mainstream and labelled as cranks by the media. Ofttimes, their persistence pays off and the truth is eventually revealed.

Without conducting an in-depth investigation into 9/11, even a casual observer can state that there are inconsistencies in the official line on what took place that fateful day. If even some of the ‘evidence’ being presented turns out to be factual, then the repercussions for any found guilty of complicity in those terror attacks would be considerable.

In the numerous reports that Rebel Voice has read concerning 9/11, one name keeps cropping up in connection with the new information being revealed; Israel. It is the Zionist state that appears to have the most questions to answer. But how does one get the truth from a rogue state?

One line of enquiry into who was behind the terror attacks is contained in the following article:

This is just one thread in a complex tapestry of deceit apparently woven by Israel. The following article contains another. Taken together – and it’s important to remember that there is much factual and proven evidence in both – it can at least be said that the Zionist state should be regarding as a suspect in the 9/11 attacks.

Of course, other ‘intelligence’ agencies must also come under suspicion. Both the CIA, and the General Intelligence Presidency (General Intelligence Directorate) of Saudi Arabia, can be firmly linked to Mossad. All three share intel and resources where practical. All three have little compunction about breaking international law and all three are greedy for power and regional and global domination. Al three also have considerable resources. It is therefore inconceivable that none of these three agencies would have had prior knowledge of the fairly blatant plans by Saudi members of Al Qaeda to conduct attacks on US soil using commercial airliners. All three also gained considerably in the aftermath of the tragedies. As did the state of Israel.

This article, that you will read by Whitney Webb, looks at newly released FBI files. They concern the men known as ‘The Dancing Israelis’. The intent of these men has never been made known. They were spirited out of the USA before any full investigation could take place. They gave every appearance of being guilty of something. But what? You can decide for yourself having read Webb’s fine piece.

Perhaps the truth about 9/11 will make it into the public domain some day. We can only hope that that day is not too far in our future.

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  1. lamargopetersen

    Well in my humble opinion the Jewish people that worked in those Towers were told to take that day off and the people that came to work that day were considered goy and of no consequence. I would contend that engineers and architects know what they were talking about when they say the Towers were brought down with hi-tech explosives that were set in clandestine hours. Anyone who have watched demolition of buildings know the description follows all that have been seen on news casts of the take down of buildings, smoke stacks and such like. As for planes with hijackers with box cutters whoa Nelly we/or I are/am not stupid.

    Silverstein made a killing that day, pun intended, out of insurance payoff from demolished towers.

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  2. Frank Marcella

    And Bibi knew about it in 1995…

    Imagine being able to make people believe that this building is NOT exploding

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  3. Thior Soillos

    Sadamn Hussein decided he was leaving the petrodollar. During food for oil sanctions. Iraq sold oil to france in euros.

    This is major as the only thing that make the USD important is its trade in oil. Further more , countries that sell oil and gain many dollars invest those dollars in US securities. This is what allows the States to be in such debt.

    As soon as Sadamn left the dollar, 3 towers fell because 2 airplanes and America all the sudden got an invisible army they can use to enter any country they want.

    Example. Gaddafi was trying to produce a gold dinar to trade with African countries. They hung Saddam yet beat Gaddafi on TV to send message. Assad of Syria and Iran found large gas deposit. Assad sided with Iran off dollar instead of Saudi. China being the largest buyer of oil decided it will use the yuan in buying oil. Not the dollar. That’s why the trade war. China also backed money with gold like Russia. Russia had also built pipe lines to Europe off dollar hence the escalation of troops border countries of Russia and the Sanctions. Venezuela also had announced intentions on leaving the dollar, you can see what’s going on there.

    Robin cook head intelligence Mi5 tell before death by falling off a cliff
    .. ..

    ” al Qaeda mean database
    It was the name of file that held the names of cia paid mujahedeen that fought Russia in afghanistan.. Notice the never hit israel who the elite own the central bank system….. nor do the hit Saudi or usa.

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