Was 9/11 Planned In Israel? New Insight That They Don’t Want You To See

The events that surrounded the destruction of the Twin Towers on the 11th September, 2001, have been dissected relentlessly. There are those who accept the official line on the reasons for the attacks and the way in which they were carried out. There are an increasing number of others who don’t. These dissidents include many professionals from the construction sector who claim that the fall of the Towers and WTC 5 was due to controlled demolition.

Rebel Voice has not researched this topic in any depth, but has read a number of reports on it, as well as the attack on the Pentagon on the same day. The conclusion reached here is that there are many outstanding issues that have still to be addressed, and the official determinations are not to be believed in their entirety.

The greatest defence that any corrupt government has is the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’. With these two words, citizens are turned away from any investigation or hypothesis regarding major events. False flag incidents, of which there have always been many around the world, are labelled as conspiracy theories. Normally curious people can thus become conditioned to accepting the official position. That in itself is a problem.

Not every proffered scenario regarding what took place on 9/11 is either feasible or worth the time it takes to look into it. But some are. The ridiculous ones may be created by the very people who have something to hide. They fabricate theories by the bucket-load so that the truth becomes lost in the chatter. It’s an age-old tactic and expertly employed today.

The following article presents us with one possibility as to why the Towers were brought down on that fateful day with the resultant loss of 2996 lives. It may not be complete. It may not even be accurate. But it is worth reading if only to open the mind to the possibilities. The old adage when investigating a crime is to follow the money. Perhaps this also applies to 9/11?

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  1. This is one subject that must not be let go of as far as informing the masses about it from various angles whichever that may be… understanding the machinations that led to the event, now close to two decades ago, is still the key to comprehending what followed and how humanity eventually landed with the present day global quagmire.

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  2. Michael Atkinson

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been sharing the best truth I can with many others about the 9/11 scam since around 2007. A facebook friend of mine wrote this excellent comment about Israeli involvement in 9/11 which I agree with because I’ve studied this criminal “Zionism” since then too:

    “Identifying Israel as one of the key perps has nothing to do with centuries of “anti-Semitism” or a knee jerk tendency on the part of some people to “blame the Jews.” On the contrary, it’s entirely based on evidence. The overwhelming preponderance of evidence points to Israel. Every single key position relating to the attacks was occupied by a hardcore neocon Zionist, many of whom were Israeli American dual citizens.

    From building ownership and access, building security, airport security, expertise in remote control hijacking, expertise in building demolition, control of the crime scene, destruction of evidence, control over the phony investigation, orchestrated mainstream media propaganda pointing the finger at Muslims and pounding the drums for war, and of course the response of the Bush Administration… ALL key positions were held by hardcore neocon Zionists, including a number of dual citizens.

    On top of that is the fact that they only people who were arrested were the five “dancing Israelis” who were spotted video recording the attacks and celebrating, who worked for the known Mossad front company Urban Moving Systems, who had explosives residue in the van they were driving, and who had socks full of cash and one-way plane tickets out of the US. What happened after they were arrested? They blamed “the Palestinians”… lol.

    And what happened after they were held for a few weeks? Then Director of the Justice Department Criminal Division Michael Chertoff (hardcore neocon, dual citizen, and later airport scanning machine contractor) ordered them released and returned to Israel with no charges and no trial, despite the extremely suspicious circumstances and the fact that at least two of them were Mossad agents. And what happened after they returned to Israel? They appear on a TV talk show and explain they had been there “document the event.”

    Then there’s the fact that Israel has conducted false flag terrorist attacks against its own allies (including the United States) for political and military purposes on multiple prior occasions. Examples include the King David Hotel bombing, the Lavon Affair, aka Operation Susannah, and the USS Liberty incident.

    And there’s the issue that Israel and the neocons had been planning the “War on Terror” for decades, since the late 1970s. This is confirmed by numerous neocon speeches, white papers, and books written from the late 1970s right up to 9/11. Examples include the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, Oded Yinon’s 1982 A Strategy for Israel, Richard Perle’s 1996 A Clean Break, Benjamin Netanyahu’s 1996 Terrorism: How the West Can Win, and PNACs notorious September of 2000 white paper Rebuilding America’s Defenses, which said they would need “a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.” One year later, 9/11. Gosh, how convenient… what a coincidence! NOT.

    Finally, there’s the fact that immediately following 9/11 (which is absolutely COVERED with neocon, Zionist, and Israeli fingerprints) US foreign policy ever since has been EXACTLY along the lines recommended in all the white papers listed above. That is to say, destruction and balkanization of all Arab nations which are perceived to be obstacles to Israeli expansion, regional hegemony, and the “Greater Israel” project.

    When it comes to the standard investigative procedures of asking who had the means, motive, and opportunity… not only the means of perpetrating the crime, but also the means to cover it up through control of mainstream media and investigations, and especially the question of Qui Bono… the OVERWHELMING preponderance of evidence points to Israel. No one else even comes close. And everything stated above is just a cursory overview. For a more detailed discussion which is even more damning, watch a few presentations by Christopher Bollyn.” -Gregory Prinsze

    Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators

    Christopher Bollyn “The Dual-Deception of 9/11 and the Fraudulent War on Terror”

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  3. Michael Atkinson

    At the time of this comment the Christopher Bollyn video mentioned above is still working. But I noticed the other link wasn’t working for me so here’s a mirror link to that list of suspected 9/11 Coconspirators:

    Also here’s an excellent interview with Mick Harrison, David Meiswinkle and Barbara Honegger of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry as well as Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth about their recent 9/11 truth breakthrough.
    Streamed live on Dec 11, 2018
    https://youtu.be/QboYD-K3VXo (1:16:30)

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