8 Dangerous Breeds Of Dog

They are man’s, and presumably woman’s best friend. They are fiercely loyal, friendly, fart like mad people and lick their own balls. They are our dogs. Although there are many breeds of domestic canine, some are deemed unsuitable as pets. However, the big question is nature or nurture?

Rebel Voice has encounter terriers who were as wicked as sin. The same could be said of collies. Correspondingly, Rebel Voice has also met dobermans who were very friendly, and a Staffordshire bull terrier that is one of the nicest dogs to have around. However, there are breeds of dog that lend themselves to extreme aggression. In terms of genetics, Staffies are more aggressive than Labradors. Dobermans are more dangerous than collies. It may be a matter of size for some, but there can be no doubt that certain breeds of dog were bred to be dangerous.

The following list looks at 8 of the best known dangerous breeds. There are many others that could have made this list, but these eight are a start. Perhaps it’s a case of horses for courses, and some types of dog appear to be unsuitable for life in our homes and most especially for living around our children.

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