Indonesian Children Lack Disaster Response Education, Increased Risk Of Harm

It was in September, 2018, that a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit the island nation of Indonesia. Estimates put the death toll at more than 832. Many buildings collapsed leaving entire families destitute and without shelter. The international response was muted.

Among those worst affected by the disaster were the children. As terrified as they were, many were injured and many more traumatized. Schools fell and have not been adequately replaced. The Indonesian government spends money on weapons whilst the people struggle day-to-day to survive. Disaster management in the nation is haphazard.

One simple method of reducing casualties it to educate the young in what to do when a natural disaster strikes. Children could be schooled in measures that would help them, if only a little. This provision is relatively cheap to provide but could save innumerable lives. The following video takes a quick look at the problem.

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