US Empire Expanding Its Global Ambitions

It’s unfortunate that Rebel Voice feels it necessary to highlight the growing but consistent imperialism as perpetrated by the US Empire. Although the US got off to a bad start as a nation, built upon ethnic cleansing and genocide as it was, it could eventually have proved a role model for democracy and progressive society. Instead, this western behemoth has turned into a greedy, power-hungry, exploitative monster.

The Federal system is a disaster formulated as it is upon hard capitalism. The ordinary citizens of the USA are victims in the same way as are the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, Colombia, Yemen, Libya – this list could go on for a very long time – and Somalia.

The US system of government and corporate controlled society is a failure. It’s the same story in many other western nations, Ireland among them. The following presentation takes us into the evermore blatant encroachment of the Empire into nations who have something, usually oil, that they need and want and will take by fair means or foul.

If the world is to become a fair and decent place for prosperity for all of its citizens, then something needs to be done about the United Sates of America. That something must be implemented by the people of that land whose responsibility it is to change their nation from a parasitical rogue state to one where the sanctity of human life is respected by officialdom. After all, no other nation has used atomic weapons to slaughter hundreds of thousands. No… other… nation.

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