US Empire Expanding Its Global Ambitions

It’s unfortunate that Rebel Voice feels it necessary to highlight the growing but consistent imperialism as perpetrated by the US Empire. Although the US got off to a bad start as a nation, built upon ethnic cleansing and genocide as it was, it could eventually have proved a role model for democracy and progressive society. […]

Savage Run – Novel By C.J. Box

Savage Run   by C.J. Box This is book 2 in the very popular Joe Pickett series about the likeable Wyoming Game Warden, and was first published in 2002. Pickett lives on a federal-owned homestead in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains with his wife, Mary-Beth and three young daughters. It’s from there that he takes […]

Off The Grid

Off The Grid   by C.J. Box This is yet another in the Joe Pickett/Nate Romanowski series and is more of the same fare, which is to say, good enough stuff in its own way. In Off The Grid, we find Nate (former Special Ops) still on the run from the Feds, at least that […]

Renowned Peace Activist Condemns US Policies In Epic Speech

This speech is a beautifully crafted, heartfelt and genuine critique upon the actions of successive Administrations of the United States of America. It is a damning indictment of domestic and foreign policies that have been formulated by the military-industrial complex of the US. Who among you will listen? (Dahlia Wasfi is an American physician and peace […]