US Empire Expanding Its Global Ambitions

It’s unfortunate that Rebel Voice feels it necessary to highlight the growing but consistent imperialism as perpetrated by the US Empire. Although the US got off to a bad start as a nation, built upon ethnic cleansing and genocide as it was, it could eventually have proved a role model for democracy and progressive society. […]

3-years-old Child Forced To Present In US Court

The following article looks at the disgraceful circumstances whereby children, some being toddlers, are forced to appear in court during legal proceedings surrounding their immoral detention in the United States. These children are effectively being required to present their own cases even though many can’t speak at all, and those who do are too young […]


Bitterroot   by James Lee Burke Alas, the love affair that had blossomed between Rebel Voice and James Lee Burke has at last floundered upon the rocks of inconsistency. We’ve broken up. Bitterroot is not an episode in the Dave Robicheaux series. Instead, it is one in the Billy Bob Holland saga. I have to ask, […]

Creeping Right-Wing Totalitarianism

Today there is a particular growing certainty, largely unacknowledged, which affects all of our lives in an increasingly negative manner. This insidious malaise is the current hard-line attitude of the United States administration and its supporters towards both their own populace and those of other nations. It can now be seen that a sizable percentage of ‘Middle America’ […]