Creeping Right-Wing Totalitarianism

Today there is a particular growing certainty, largely unacknowledged, which affects all of our lives in an increasingly negative manner. This insidious malaise is the current hard-line attitude of the United States administration and its supporters towards both their own populace and those of other nations.

It can now be seen that a sizable percentage of ‘Middle America’ is consumed with the excessive use of patriotic symbolism and an adherence to an intolerant social and political path. It could be suggested that they are being manipulated by their right-wing bureaucratic masters.

Politicians across the USA, in concert with others from the world of officialdom, can be observed wearing stars and stripes badges/pins on a permanent basis. The US national flag is flown in permanent abundance from all civic buildings, schools and on the porches of private homes all year round.

In US schools, children are required to recite the pledge of allegiance, with hand held to breast, every morning before classes begin. Try to imagine if Irish schoolchildren were required to recite the Proclamation in a similar manner, or if English schoolchildren were obliged to pledge allegiance to the Queen each day.

US citizens and politicians regularly engage in jingoism, with chants and refrains of ‘USA rules’, ‘USA, the greatest country in the world’, ‘God save America’ and ‘USA No.1’ to be heard issuing from the gobs of even the most senior apparatchiks. They declare themselves to be the ‘Leader of the Free World’ and have assumed the ‘God-given right’ to instigate ‘regime-change’ or ‘install democratic government’ wherever or whenever they see fit. Their continuing belief in ‘Manifest Destiny’ facilitates US imperialism across the globe.

Yet their nation’s actions have continually demonstrated a serious lack of respect for international law and the sovereignty of nations. The ‘Invasion Of The Hague Act 2012’ constitutionally allows the US to attack the Hague if any of their citizens are being tried in the International Criminal Court there.  They have violated countless UN sanctions and resolutions over decades, as well as toppling numerous democratically elected governments, up to and including the present day (Ukraine and Egypt).

The US Federal government now has virtually unlimited domestic power over an apprehensive people, courtesy of the Patriot Act. They have their own secret police in the form of Homeland Security which rules by instilling fear into the citizenry. It gleans personal information from anyone entering the US via its intrusive biometric scans which will eventually come to include DNA retrieval. The US also has the NSA gathering both personal and commercial data both internally and across the globe.

In their judicial system, most states now have a policy of ‘three strikes and you’re out’, which sees a harsh custodial sentence imposed for a third criminal offence, regardless of its severity (US prisons are a profitable business for some). This policy mirrors an identical approach initiated by none other than the Nazi regime.

Trump’s approach is simply the latest and more blatant expression of what has existed in federal circles for decades. Both the US political and electoral systems are suffering from the sickness of plutocracy, where the regular citizens who make up the majority of the population are manipulated and divided so that the Surplass might more easily control them. As the people of the US suffer ever greater marginalization and hardship, so too do the people of the world, as the US Capitalist corporations who ultimately control the state and its bloated military machine, continue to agitate, instigate, insinuate and proliferate instability so that they might improve their profit margins and more effectively exploit us all.

The talk of a ‘Muslim Register’ is reminiscent of pre-World War 2 Germany. As Hitler appealed to the worst excesses of an impoverished German people, so too is Trump seeking out scapegoats for the failed Capitalist policies of US federalism. Muslims, Mexicans and Chinese will be spotlighted in an attempt to distract the people of the US from the sordid truth of their governments’ repeated failures.

Sadly, just as was the case in 1939, war looms, as armed conflict means vast profits for the Military Industrial Complex. A global crisis would be one method of providing employment for the dispossessed citizens of the US. But at what cost? Official lies are being promoted and disseminated as standard fare in a manner that would have Goebbels rubbing his blood-stained hands with glee. The people are being blinded by need.

The Oxford English Dictionary has a word that properly defines the behaviour of the United States Administration:

Fascism– a right-wing system of government characterized by extreme nationalistic beliefs and strict obedience to a leader or the state.

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