Israel diplomatic aggression in Ireland

It has been reported in the Jerusalem newspaper, Haaretz, that the Israeli ambassador to Ireland, Ze’ev Boker, recently sent a warning back to the Israeli state regarding an expected move by the Dublin government to officially recognize the state of Palestine.

Although both Irish Houses of Parliament, known collectively as the Oireachtas, overwhelmingly passed a motion just over 2 years ago calling on their government to formally afford Palestine such recognition, no move was made by the right-wing authority.

However, it now appears that the Irish government are moving ever closer to finally acceding to the wishes of parliament. Relentless pressure by Irish pro-Palestinian lobbyists and politicians would seem to have backed a reluctant Dublin administration into a political corner, from which the only feasible escape is to give full diplomatic recognition to the beleaguered Palestinian state thereby joining Sweden as the only other western European nation to have adopted such a position.

A point of note, which has emerged from ambassador Boker’s urgent missive, is his advice that the Israel regime move immediately to bully the Irish government into full compliance with the demands of zionist fanaticism, thereby abandoning any moves in recognizing Palestinian statehood.

Boker (colloquially, in parts of Ireland and Scotland, to ‘boke’ is to vomit) is said to be intent on using the new US right-wing administration to work on behalf of Israel in squeezing Ireland into acquiescence , presumably by utilizing economic threats and similar acts of financial and diplomatic thuggery.

The zionist representative to Ireland has also proposed that Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister who is widely regarded as a war criminal, contact the Irish Taoiseach (PM) directly, to further impose his perceived authority upon a supposedly independent government.

The question must be asked as to why Israel should feel that they can repeatedly make such demands, either directly or via a US proxy, upon the sovereign government of a European state where the populace are not fooled by increasingly obvious Israeli deceptions.

It remains to be seen whether or not the minority coalition Dublin government, led by Enda Kenny, will have the necessary integrity, honour and backbone to stand up to the right-wing zionist aggression of both Netanyahu and his US stooge, Trump.

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