3-years-old Child Forced To Present In US Court

The following article looks at the disgraceful circumstances whereby children, some being toddlers, are forced to appear in court during legal proceedings surrounding their immoral detention in the United States.

These children are effectively being required to present their own cases even though many can’t speak at all, and those who do are too young to explain their circumstances, or are unable to understand English let alone the import of their predicament. Trump has managed to exacerbate this macabre comedy of errors in which children are being abused by a morally vacuous and corrupt system.

In one case, a child defendant began to climb on top of the table in court. Rebel Voice wonders if the judge was inclined to hold the 3-year-old in contempt. Such a practice would be consistent with how these children are being mistreated by Federal Authorities. In all honesty, there have many worse examples of child abuse in the US and elsewhere, but rarely has it received so much coverage. The levels of stupidity, and inhuman disregard for child welfare within the Federal system, can only be guessed at. But where will it end, and when?

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