UN Report Accuses Israel Of Crimes Against Humanity

The protest in Gaza in support of a Right of Return for Palestinian refugees has been ongoing for close to one year now. During that time, approximately 200 unarmed protesters were shot dead by Israeli snipers. Almost 10,000 others were injured. Some of those were deliberately targeted by snipers, whilst others suffered injuries from ricochets or tear gas.

35 of the dead were children. 940 other children sustained gunshot injuries, many of which left them with permanent physical disabilities, including amputated limbs. Members of the press were gunned down, as were medical personnel, all clearly marked as such. Some of those attending the protests were disabled, with one man in a wheelchair targeted. None of the victims posed a threat to either Israel or the armed thugs that it employs to kill and maim Palestinian civilians.

On 28th February, a United Nations investigative panel found Israel to be guilty of crimes against humanity for its conduct during the Great March of Return protests in Gaza. Investigators have called for those responsible to be arrested and tried. Israel has refused to cooperate with the inquiry and has rubbished the findings. It would appear that the rogue Zionist state deems itself to be above international law. It remains to be seen what action, if any, the United Nations will now take to bring the war criminals of Israel to account for their horrific behaviour. It should be noted that the actions of Israeli snipers in Gaza is reminiscent of that of Nazi guards in the concentration camps of the Second World War, when Jewish prisoners were the victims.

The following video report gives us a first-hand look at the UN investigators and their conclusions.

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10 Responses

  1. In my opinion, the world has drunk—is drunk–with the poisoned Kool-Aid that Israel is to be hated and the members of the U.N. commission on Human Rights are all innocent. Despite the documented facts that a vast majority of that U.N. Commission is stacked with the worst offenders of human rights, themselves. All the Muslim combatants around Israel use their own women and children—as human shields and blame Israel when these innocents (?) are hurt. Israel, meanwhile, has quietly treated both combatants, the innocents in thw middle of the conflict AND their own people—whenever it can be done without risking Israel’s security. YES—THEY EVEN TREAT AND HEAL THE VERY PEOPLE WHO HATE THEM AND WOULD KILL ANY ISRAELI THEY FOUND WOUNDED AND IN NEED! Might be my opinion but it is based on FACT—NOT WORLDWIDE PROPAGANDA!

    ANYWAY…even if you don’t allow this to be published, thanks for pressunably hearing me out. Am still following this blog—it is of great informational value. 🙂


      1. HATE LIKE YOURS KNOWS NO REASON. I was foolish to even attempt any, have a good life. The world is against Israel and ignores all the surrounding nations and how horribly they treat the Palestinians—merely human pawns—and always have been, I truly feel sorry for you. Thank you for accepting my input—as I accept yours, however hate-filled. Israel has indeed repeatedly offered humanitarian help. And has made good their promises to avoid civilian casualties at all costs. That’s all I’m saying.


      2. I gif check it out—-and the U.N. Commission is a farce. Will you open-mindedly check out my points? Given your response—-probably not! Mental condition? I can actually see both sides equally. If that’s a mental condition, I’m blessed to have it. I am not the one here going off on an irrational rant. And I will not come back to your site. It only works for people who agree with the blogger. Anyone else—like me–is accused of having mental illness if our ideas don’t toe to your line. The “gobbledygook”, as you call it…saysI have to love everyone in God’s love—which includes YOU! Ought to try it some time, if you ever have the courage to get off your high horse and find more real compassion for real people. But do as you like—the choice between human logic (?) and Godly logic (!) is always before you every day. Think about it. even if i do sound crazy to you! 🙂 “A gentle answer turns away wrath…” The Book of Proverbs 15: verse one.


      3. P>S> I do have a Muslim friend or two, despite my cultural lavking in your eyes. Why do you keep hitting all the hate talking points…without really thinkin g about wat ypou and your cohorts are actually saying? Is open discussion of opposing issues that threatening to you? Must be! The is the worst shpiel of vitreol I’ve heard—even from my “progressive-liberals”. WE get along. You have no desire to—which is your right I suppose. Take care, you, my friend!


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