Foo Fighters – All My Life [Rock]

Here’s another hit from one of the best rock bands of all time. Hailing from Seattle (like much of what’s good about the USA), the Foo Fighters have an impressive back catalogue that will have you kicking your heels to exhaustion. Rebel Voice feels that the best way to enjoy this track is to put on your most comfortable jocks, you know the ones we mean, the pair with the holes in them that have sentimental value for reasons you can’t explain, get up on the kitchen table with a candle and half-pint of póitín, and pretend that you’re on stage at Croke Park in front of 80,000 baying fans as you give the performance of your life. Just be sure that your in-laws aren’t coming over for one of their oh-so-many visits, where they then get a look at your gyrating hips and scanty stained stage costume as you thrust your lunchbox into your mother-in-law’s horrified face. On second thoughts, when that happened, it wasn’t so bad and kept them away for more than a year. So give it a go. As long as there’s no photographic evidence you’re smiling!

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