Icelandic Children Excel At Chess In Progressive Teaching Standards

There are many methods employed globally to assist in the teaching of children. Not all are universally accepted as being beneficial. Many could be regarded as fads destined to fade as the next trend emerges. However, in Iceland teachers have begun promoting the game of chess as a progressive learning tool for the young. It’s an intriguing idea.

Many people associate chess with the super-smart. But chess is a game for anyone. Like languages, chess can be taught to the very young. They have a natural aptitude for picking up new ideas, and a biologically programmed interest in quickly acquiring new skills. So we can see that learning chess is not a problem for the young and very young. But how beneficial is it?

The following video looks at how playing chess is helping in the education of the children of Iceland. See what you think of this, perhaps obvious, method for improving the minds of the adults of our future. Does it work?

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