Icelandic Children Excel At Chess In Progressive Teaching Standards

There are many methods employed globally to assist in the teaching of children. Not all are universally accepted as being beneficial. Many could be regarded as fads destined to fade as the next trend emerges. However, in Iceland teachers have begun promoting the game of chess as a progressive learning tool for the young. It’s […]

5 Of The Most Impressive Geysers

This is a wonderful look at 5 of the best known geysers today or in the past. Humans are understandably fascinated by these natural eruptions and geyser sites are tourist magnets. Rebel Voice recommends not bathing in the waters attached to some of these hot springs as you may spend the rest of the week […]

Weakest Armies In The World

We read a lot about the most powerful armies on the planet. But what about the weakest? Few countries would want to acknowledge that their military is little better than a bunch of Boy Scouts hyped up on sugar. For example, when the air force of the southern Irish state take part in a military […]

Japan’s Brutal And Sneaky Whale Slaughter

Whilst Rebel Voice is certainly not an advocate of vegetarianism, the practice of slaughtering whales is a disgusting venture. Cetaceans are highly intelligent animals, perhaps more intelligent than any other, with the possible exception of some humans (members of the DUP are not included in that). Yet the Japanese are continuing with their mass killings […]