Chavismo – A Socialist Legacy To Stay Sacred

Hugo Chavez shook Latin America when he was elected President by his people in 1999. He served his nation until 2013 when cancer took him. His legacy is one of equality, opportunity and fair governance.

Today, the enemies of Socialism that Chavez faced down, most notably the Federal system of the USA and its Venezuelan proxies, have renewed their attacks on democracy in the land of Chavez. They are banking for their success upon the absence of the charismatic leader who took the nation from being a place of Capitalist oppression to one where the ordinary people felt they had a stake in the future of their country.

That battle continues. The following article looks at the impact of Chavez’ great victory all those years ago when the populace took a stand against the greed and injustice of the ruling elite and their media centres of propaganda. Hugo Chavez is still revered among those who care about the rights of the many over the lust for power of the few. Hugo ChavezRebel Voice salutes you.

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