Celebrity Hypocrisy? Stars Dripping In Gold

A reminder of who is out there, how they make their money and why they feel the need to flaunt their success.

Rebel Voice

You’ve seen them at awards ceremonies. You’ve looked on in either disgust or admiration -dependent upon your perception – as the movie stars and music stars and T.V. stars step forward to accept their Oscars or Grammys or Brits or BAFTA’s. You will have listened as they then callously trumpet their thanks to their god and, of course, Jesus for giving them their success.

Yet these celebrities stand adorned in clothing worth tens of thousands of pounds. They display gaudy jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They wear shoes that cost more than many cars. The items that they sport on awards nights are worth enough as would feed a Third World village for a year… or much longer.

Image result for celebritity bling

They do all this yet they see no contradiction in their invocation of the name of a humble carpenter who criticized those who would live for material gain. Many critics…

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