Austin Powers -25 Best Quotes

If you’ve seen the movie(s), then you know just how wacky Austin Powers was. ‘Do I make you horny?’ was heard in pubs across the English-speaking world for months, and even years, after the release of the first movie in 1997. It was the parodic chat-up line. The entire Powers endeavour was primarily a vehicle for Canadian comedian, Mike Myers.

After the success of Wayne’s World in 1992 and the sequel, creatively entitled Wayne’s World 2, in 1993, Myers could do no wrong in Hollywood. His talent for mimicry was put to good use in Austin Powers as he played various roles, all to great effect. Dr Evil and Fat Bastard have all gained a presence in popular culture. They are referenced on a regular basis. But it was Austin, the somewhat goofy parody of James Bond who refuses to leave the Swinging Sixties, that stole the show if not the hearts of millions of adoring girls… ahem.

The following video is a reminder of some of Austin’s lines. Feel free to use them in your daily life. It may help to brighten up your day or that of someone else. Either that or they will call for men in white coats to come and take you away. In any event, it’ll be a laugh.

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