Know Your Zionist Enemy – David Lonner, Hollywood Producer

A reminder of one of the hard-line Zionists who has infiltrated the Entertainment Industry and is working against the long-suffering people of Palestine.

Rebel Voice

‘When I am in Israel, I feel like a light socket plugged into an energy source. There is a bounce in my step, I feel intellectually and spiritually stimulated. I see inTechnicolor.’ So speaks David Lonner, a major Hollywood producer and ardent Zionist.

Lonneris the founder of the Oasis Media Management Group, a management and production company based in Los Angeles. He is an executive producer of the Lifetime series, Devious Maids, and is a board member of the Zionist Friends ofYemin Orde, an Israeli charity that provides a base in Israel for children and teenagers primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds. Of the organisation, Lonner has this to say, ‘“Yemin Orde is not only a unique place in Israel but in the world. By giving children a connection to their roots and a safe and loving place to be educated and nurtured, Yemin Orde has…

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