Mariana Trench – Bottom Of The World – What Lies Beneath

It’s amazing to think of how little we know about the ocean depths on our planet. We are exploring the solar system, all the while remaining oblivious to what lives below us. The Mariana Trench is the lowest point on the earth’s crust. It has its own eco-system, most of which we know nothing about. There are animals, all of which will be weird and wonderful, that go about their daily lives unobserved. Bit by bit, we discover new species there, but have a long way to go. It’s just too inhospitable for easy exploration.

The following video is fascinating. It teases us with insight into probes sent into the depths of this gaping watery fissure in the earth. It suggests that not all the life down there may be basic. There may even be massive prehistoric animals still plying their wares in the waters above the Mariana Trench. Jules Verne would have had a fit if he could have gotten access to the mysterious wonders of this part of the Pacific. We have much to learn. Enjoy.

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