Israeli Minister Calls For Bombs On Palestinian Children

Naftali Bennett is Israeli Minister of Education and Minister of Diaspora Affairs. He is also a Major in the Israeli military reserve, having previously served in the Israeli Forces of Occupation. Although born in Western Palestine (known by some as Israel), Bennett’s family came from San Francisco as squatters to settle on stolen Palestinian land. He is regarded as hardline in his Zionist viewpoint.

He has recently called for those who fly kites into the Occupied Territories to be shot. He has a record of making incendiary statements. In any other government, such utterances would be reason enough for the Minister’s resignation. Yet, in the rogue state of Israel, such statements are commonplace and are even applauded by an electorate that has become increasingly right-wing and fascist in outlook.

It must surely be incumbent upon the governments of the world to hold fanatics such as Naftali Bennett to account. There could be an argument made for taking him to the International Criminal Court for his criminal and very public calls for Israel to engage in further Crimes Against Humanity.

In the following video, a father of one of the young victims of Israel’s murderous policies speaks out about the loss of his son.

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  1. brad

    It just occurred to me that i kind of LIKE (surprised me) the concept of an “Israeli DEFENSE Force”.

    Unfortunately all they have is a bunch of goons in an assault and destroy force.

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