Child Victims Of Israeli Crimes Against Humanity – Photos And Names

Of all of the innocent Palestinian victims of Israeli aggression, none tear at the heart so terribly as those who are children. There have been so many. Some are teenagers, some not. Some are toddlers, some babies. All should still be with us.

Sometimes there are no words strong enough to describe the monsters who would deliberately and callously target children. The rogue state of Israel has a military that is chock full of such vile creatures. The Zionist state also has an adult population in which the majority willingly lend their support to those child-killers in Israeli uniforms.

The sheer scale of evil, and its accompanying deceit, that exists within the Israeli state is staggering. It can easily be argued that the entire Zionist experiment – and those who support it – is beyond redemption. The Israelis who go to sleep at night with the blood of children on their hands must have troubled dreams, but only if they have a conscience. Rebel Voice is increasingly of the opinion that there are too many citizens of the rogue state of Israel who do not possess such a human faculty. There is no help for them. There can be only retribution.

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