Israeli Military Target Civilians – Caught On Camera

In this shocking piece of video provided by the Israeli human rights organisation, B’Tselem, we can see how Zionist troops deliberately target Palestinians, even if they have only stones to throw in defence. The soldiers can be clearly heard discussing their methods of shooting at civilians, as well as stating their devious approach with respect to any cameras present. Unfortunately, they are as stupid as they are dangerous and seem not to realize that the microphone has recorded what they are saying. We can also see how one Z-thug celebrates after shooting a Palestinian.

The entire episode demonstrates the sociopathic nature of many within the Israeli military. Rebel Voice wonders when the UN (imperialist lecky that it is) will eventually be forced to intervene to save the people of Palestine from further abuses and death at the hands of the rogue state of Israel.

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3 Responses

  1. As useless, literally useless, as United Nations has been rendered during the past few years in particular, it is highly doubtful it will even have the guts to raise the ‘little finger’ in protest against this acute expression of the ‘animal nature’ of man… and that makes you ask yourself what good is any level of advancement if mankind is still so capable of not just exhibiting such an attitude but also permitting it to prevail… what is it that we as mankind have advanced at… Deception I guess…


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