Indian Insight On Palestinian Village Life

This light documentary follows an Indian film crew as they visit two Palestinian villages to explore life in this beautiful and ancient part of the Middle East. The footage is very informative and takes the viewer into the homes of regular people as the presenter speaks with the residents.

This is not strictly a political view, but it is impossible to ignore the realities of life under Israeli occupation and brutality. And so it is that there are numerous mentions of the abuses suffered by the people there.

Although the presentation is slightly naive at times, and slightly amateurish, the VT is useful in understanding a little of the existence of the oppressed population of Palestine. The issue of the arrest of Ahed Tamimi is tackled here and her father speaks with the film crew. Viewers will notice how the Indians become more sympathetic to the cause of Palestine as the documentary progresses and they begin to fully realize the horrors of life under Israeli Apartheid and its bloodthirsty regime.

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2 Responses

  1. This film, as you said was a little naive at times but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The generousity of Palestinians was clearly evident, what little they have, they are happy to share with friendly outsiders. It gave an insight into their day to day lives, when they aren’t being brutalised. I would like to purchase some laptops to ship to them but I think it would be difficult to find a way to do this. If anyone knows a reputable and honest charity that might be able to do it, please let me know.
    They are proud people and want to be able to work for themselves, without the need for charity but if it would help the kids to learn computer skills, it has to be a good thing.

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