Zionism Is A Delusion

It’s scary when you realize that there are so many people out there who would seek to justify the abhorrent ideology of Zionism.

Rebel Voice

As a participant in occasional on-line polemical debate with Zionists, I am always struck not by what they say, but by all that they don’t. Zionists have great difficulty in justifying their ideology, based as it is upon the text of the Tanakh (the ancient Hebrew bible from which is derived the Christian Old Testament). The Tanakh was written circa 500BCE by Zionists. Therefore, modern Zionists justify their claim to an Israeli state by quoting the ancient writings of Zionists. Hmm…

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I will list some other facts that leave Zionists floundering.

According to the Tanakh, the world is approximately 5768 years old. Christian fundamentalists also adhere to this belief (Creationism), including Irish Occupied Six Counties Unionist, and former government minister, Nelson McCausland (we can only assume that Jurassic Park is banned in the McCausland household).

Yet archaeologists have discovered that there was a settlement in Jericho at least 10,000 years…

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