Zionism Is A Delusion

As a participant in occasional on-line polemical debate with Zionists, I am always struck not by what they say, but by all that they don’t. Zionists have great difficulty in justifying their ideology, based as it is upon the text of the Tanakh (the ancient Hebrew bible from which is derived the Christian Old Testament). The Tanakh was written circa 500BCE by Zionists. Therefore, modern Zionists justify their claim to an Israeli state by quoting the ancient writings of Zionists. Hmm…

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I will list some other facts that leave Zionists floundering.

According to the Tanakh, the world is approximately 5768 years old. Christian fundamentalists also adhere to this belief (Creationism), including Irish Occupied Six Counties Unionist, and former government minister, Nelson McCausland (we can only assume that Jurassic Park is banned in the McCausland household).

Yet archaeologists have discovered that there was a settlement in Jericho at least 10,000 years ago, i.e. more than 4000 years before the world existed. Hmm…

Anthropologists have uncovered skeletal remains that show that humans inhabited the area 50,000 years ago… curiouser and curiouser.

Judaism (and the covenant) was founded circa 1800BCE (46,000+ years after the first people lived in the territory) by Abraham. The Israelites hail directly from his grandson Jacob. Abraham was born and raised in Mesopotamia. Today he would qualify for an Iraqi passport. He moved to Canaan (Peleset/Palestine for the last 3150 years) and settled on land he did not own.

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(note: Abraham was celebrated for having intended to murder his son, by stabbing him to death, because of a voice in his head. Luckily, another voice in a burning bush told him to have some sense. Today he would be diagnosed as schizophrenic. Yet this person is the revered forebear of three monotheistic religions. Perhaps a reassessment is called for…)


Moses was born and raised in Egypt, as were the people then known as the Israelites. This group of ethnic Jewish Egyptians (no doubt with Egyptian passports) migrated to Canaan where the indigenous people were then displaced. Note: Gaza already had a city prior to the arrival of said Israelites. Those Zionists also settled on stolen land.

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At no time was Canaan/Palestine ever owned or populated solely by Jewish people, Zionist or otherwise. The Philistines were there prior to the arrival of the Zionists. The Phoenicians also lived along the entire coastline of Canaan and were not Jewish. Ancient Greeks and Romans knew the area as Palestine. Note: ‘Moses the Egyptian’ died before reaching Canaan.

In the 1930’s, Jewish refugees fled persecution and death in Europe and were initially welcomed by the indigenous people of Palestine. Only when the beleaguered few became an aggressive flood of shiploads of supremacist Zionists, did the native populace react. Those refugees from war-torn Europe joined with militant Zionists who had already infiltrated Palestine from the early 1900’s onward.

Terrorist groups, such as Irgun and the Stern Gang, carried out brutal attacks upon the British forces who were then in occupation of Palestine. Additionally, these crazed Zionist terrorists murdered the native people and rampaged in merciless fashion across the land. Such was the viciousness and uncontrolled hatred shown by said Zionists that 800,000 indigenous Palestinians fled, seeking sanctuary in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and other parts of eastern Palestine and Gaza where they remain today, awaiting a time when they and their descendants can safely return to their homes.

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It will be found that when such proven facts are posed to Zionists, they quickly introduce straw-men or clam up entirely. Their arguments have no credibility.

Zionism is a delusional ideology, demonstrating a fanatical and antiquated psychology that reflects the worst and darkest excesses harboured within the hearts and minds of those who would perpetuate such a fractious philosophy.

Zionists of today live on stolen land, and continue to add the toxic fruits of continuing theft to their addled and bitter hoard.

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