Zionism, Unionism, and their slow learners

As I browse both newspapers and online platforms, I am regularly saddened to see confused contributions from certain obtuse individuals in relation to the humanitarian crisis in Palestine. I suspect that each of this small handful of Ulster Unionist commentators will have a complete and unrelenting command of ‘The Sash’. This aspect of their character may help to shed light upon their unfortunate stance regarding the imposition that is Israel, and its brutal actions in Palestine, as we shall see.

Ulster Unionism and Zionism make natural bedfellows. Israel did not exist prior to 1948. It is an artificial construct, as is the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). Israel contains an engineered Zionist majority. It is therefore not a democracy but a gerrymander, as is the OSC.

Israel exists, for the most part, to facilitate the supremacist ideals of Jewish Zionism. It also serves the additional purpose of maintaining a foothold in the oil-rich Middle East for Western powers, most especially the US. Israel is a Western fed and trained attack dog. The inherent bigotry within Zionism, compounded by hatred engendered by the Holocaust, means that Israeli’s revel in their belligerent role.

The OSC was created to allow colonial supremacists control of a part of Ireland in contravention of the democratic will of the vast majority of Irish people. It also allowed a distrustful British Establishment a continuing foothold in Ireland, with accompanying influence. The Unionist Establishment revelled in their role. It is interesting to note that British military occupation was at the heart of both conflicts.

Jewish Zionism used the terrorism of both Irgun and the Stern Gang to murder the indigenous people and intimidate the rest. The UVF were, and are, a Unionist separatist terrorist group who threatened civil war if they did not get their supremacist, gerrymandered, sectarian state-let.

Nationalist politicians in the fledgling Stormont, such as Cahir Healy, were marginalized and wholly constrained. Today, pro-Palestinian politicians in the Knesset, such as Haneen Zoabi, Basel Ghattas and Jamal Zahalka, also suffer discrimination and marginalization.

Israel spends countless millions in spreading untruthful propaganda that distorts the reality of Palestine. Their latest tactic is that of the Hasbara trolls who are paid to disrupt the work of humanitarian activists on social media. Unionists had not only their own extensive media outlets to spread specious portrayals of life in the OSC, they also had the apathetic complicity of the BBC, among others.

And as the Six County state-let will cease to exist, so too the immoral and unethical imposition that is Israel will cease to exist. It’s then, and only then, that justice will prevail in both Ireland and Palestine.

Yes, some Ulster Unionists will sympathize with Israel, as such indefensible conduct and immoral attitudes resonate with both. The correlation provided here is directed to those with both conscience and good morals, as I have long believed that one cannot reason with unreasonable people. In the immortal words of John Heywood, ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’, and I state with firm conviction that ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’.

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