La Jolie Blon – Various Artists Including Bruce Springsteen

La Jolie Blon (The Lovely Blonde) is a traditional Cajun waltz that is extremely popular across both Texas and Louisiana. It is known as the Cajun National Anthem and has been covered by a number of performers over the year. As it is a Cajun tune, it would have been originally written in Louisiana French but was translated into English by Harry Choates.

Here, Rebel Voice presents a number of versions of this classic. Which one will get your feet tapping quickest?

The next one is by Harry Choates, known as ‘Parrain de la musique cajun’ (Godfather of Cajun music). In 1951 he was found to be in contempt of court for failing to pay his child support. He spent 3 days in the Travis County jail in Texas, during which time he allegedly began hitting his head against the bars, knocking himself into a coma. He died soon after, aged 29. Many have questioned the official account of his demise.

The final version is from Clifton Chenier and The Red Hot Louisiana Band. Chenier, from Opelousas in Louisiana, was nominated into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1989, and also awarded a recipient of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014, both posthumously. He died of diabetes-related kidney disease in 1987.

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