Bony Moronie – John Lennon

This song was written by Larry Williams, a New Orleans pianist and rhythm and blues man. It is popular across Louisiana. John Lennon’s presentation is slightly slower than the original which is also included below, as are a number of alternative versions. Rebel Voice favours the French offering at the end (don’t know why, but […]

Last Car To Elysian Fields

Last Car To Elysian Fields   by James Lee Burke This is number 13 in the Dave Robicheaux series, set in southern Louisiana. In this installment, the New Iberia detective is drawn into a decades-old case of a popular blues singer who vanished whilst serving time in Angola prison. As is to be expected, such investigations […]

Cadillac Jukebox

Cadillac Jukebox   by James Lee Burke This is number 9 in the Detective Dave Robicheaux series and was first published way back in 1996 (some of you may not have been born then). It’s one more in Rebel Voice‘s ongoing Burke binge. In this installment, Robicheaux finds himself in a mess as Louisiana’s racist past […]

La Jolie Blon – Various Artists Including Bruce Springsteen

La Jolie Blon (The Lovely Blonde) is a traditional Cajun waltz that is extremely popular across both Texas and Louisiana. It is known as the Cajun National Anthem and has been covered by a number of performers over the year. As it is a Cajun tune, it would have been originally written in Louisiana French but […]

In The Electric Mist With The Confederate Dead

In The Electric Mist With The Confederate Dead   by James Lee Burke This author should get a Nobel prize for literature on the basis of his book titles alone. Added to this one we have such notable names as Black Cherry Blues, A Stained White Radiance and Jolie Blon’s Bounce which has been reviewed by […]