The Venomous Israeli Spider and its Treacherous Zionist Web

It ain’t getting any better for the people of Palestine.

Rebel Voice

Anyone even remotely familiar with Palestine, and the imposition upon it known as Israel, can’t have failed to notice the rising incidence of conflict in various sectors of the public arena, all associated with the Zionist state.

Across the US, for example, a war is raging between the ruthless, pro-Israeli machine, and those humanitarian groups who would oppose either Israel, or the conduct of the self-declared bastion of Zionist supremacism, towards the Palestinian people.

US students, in a long-standing tradition of confronting injustice, have organized and are currently engaged in political activism designed to draw attention to Israeli brutality. One such grouping, Students for Justice in Palestine, has moved to the fore in the moral fight against an increasingly hostile (and many would say desperate) Israeli lobby.

Image result for students for justice in Palestine

Universities, such as Fordham in New York city, have tried to stymie the activities of conscientious students. Sanctions have been imposed in…

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  1. John Peter HANNON

    I am sick at the media who usually take the nazionist stance. Killing 3 young boys playing football, a hospital, a school being bombed. It reminds me of the D notices coming out of the disputed six counties.

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