Ireland In Chains

The chains of debt are heavy upon the people of Ireland.

Rebel Voice

From the novel, ‘The Deadlands’:
‘One percent of the population controls everything. That’s how it is here. That’s how it was all over the world. That’s how it has always been throughout human history. America sponsored the idea of freedom.’
The author has spoken true words. The US has continually sponsored the idea of freedom, but never actual freedom. The Federal regime peddles the notion of democracy whereas it is, in reality, plutocracy and kleptocracy kept afloat by lies and greed and manipulation. The citizens of the US are victims too.
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The Scottish/Irish rebel and socialist stalwart, James Connolly, spoke of the people of Ireland exchanging one set of masters for another. He was referring to the circumstances after Ireland is eventually freed from colonial rule. The new masters will be the capitalists, the corporations, and the Surplass, whether in Ireland or Britain or Europe or North America.
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There is…

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