The Venomous Israeli Spider and its Treacherous Zionist Web

Anyone even remotely familiar with Palestine, and the imposition upon it known as Israel, can’t have failed to notice the rising incidence of conflict in various sectors of the public arena, all associated with the Zionist state.

Across the US, for example, a war is raging between the ruthless, pro-Israeli machine, and those humanitarian groups who would oppose either Israel, or the conduct of the self-declared bastion of Zionist supremacism, towards the Palestinian people.

US students, in a long-standing tradition of confronting injustice, have organized and are currently engaged in political activism designed to draw attention to Israeli brutality. One such grouping, Students for Justice in Palestine, has moved to the fore in the moral fight against an increasingly hostile (and many would say desperate) Israeli lobby.

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Universities, such as Fordham in New York city, have tried to stymie the activities of conscientious students. Sanctions have been imposed in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate those who would speak out in defence of defenceless people. Other centres of learning have banned such activism from campuses in what could be perceived as a blatant move to censor student opinions and independence, at the behest of Israeli manipulators. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) has started to push hard to quell any dissent against institutionalized Zionism.

Nor do these draconian measures confine themselves to north America. In the UK, a similar war is being waged upon pro-Palestinian students and activists. The University of Central Lancashire cancelled a pro-Palestinian event whilst offering conflicting reasons for doing so. The University of Manchester also stands accused of restricting student efforts to highlight the persistent human rights abuses perpetrated by Israel.

The President of the British Union of Students, Malia Bouattia, who is also a prominent BDS campaigner, has faced intense pressure from Zionist groups, as she was aggressively traduced via a compliant and biased media. Ms Bouattia was forced to endure scurrilous efforts to discredit and silence her. Yet she stood strong and emerged victorious, much to the chagrin of her detractors.

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(Malia Bouattia)

Even the Israeli embassy in the UK became involved, with a recent Al Jazeera expose demonstrating the lengths to which Israel is prepared to go in maintaining its position of privilege within UK governmental circles.

Recordings, made by Al Jazeera, showed an Israeli embassy official scheming to remove a British government politician (one of the few) who was viewed as less than friendly towards Israel. The same embassy was also discovered to have been working with Zionist student saboteurs in trying to defame the aforementioned Malia Bouattia.

We also have the behaviour of the Conservative MP, Priti Patel, who visited Israel and held unauthorized meetings with senior members of the Israeli regime, including the war criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu.. Although Patel has since resigned, no moves have been made to prevent continuing Israeli interference in, and control of, UK governmental decision-making.

Back in the USA, three bills have recently been passed in the Senate of New York. These bills are designed to counter the burgeoning BDS movement. Again, we can see that Zionism is working on many different levels to destroy any opposition. In the media, papers such as the New York Times, have effectively become weaponized in their steady dissemination of Zionist propaganda.

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In Ireland, the Israeli ambassador, Ze’ev Boker, has advocated using the US government to pressurize the Irish government into not moving to officially recognize the State of Palestine. This, despite both Houses of Irish government passing motions calling for such recognition.

Behind the curtains of government across the western world, we can be certain that intense pressure is being brought to bear upon said governments. This forceful approach is not only being directed from Israel, but is also being facilitated by Zionist corporations – such as elements within the Rothschild empire – who seek to coerce the powers-that-be, in the west, to better toe the Israeli line. The network is powerful and extensive.

When the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2334 in December 2016, Israel quickly called foreign ambassadors in so that they could be reprimanded for daring to disobey Israeli edits. Threats, financial and otherwise, were widely strewn about, as an angry Zionist regime hurriedly tried to drown out the growing humanitarian voice, with their own belligerent and ever-present roar of faux indignation.

The Hasbara, that Israeli-funded collective of bigoted supremacists, are now everywhere online, as they consistently hassle and harry human rights activists. The aim of this Zionist endeavour was ostensibly to promote Israel in a much-needed positive light. However, the Hasbara have now descended into an unruly mob of keyboard thugs, who serve only to vindicate the existence of those who would oppose Israeli brutality and Machiavellian tactics.

Another sinister development is the attempt, in the UK, to ‘redefine’ anti-Semitism. It should be remembered that Arabs are also Semites. Therefore any exclusion of Arabs from the term anti-Semitic is clearly discriminatory. Zionists are furiously working to now equate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism. If successful, this would mean criminalizing anyone who would condemn Israel, or who would question the legitimacy of a supremacist state founded upon the ethnic cleansing and bloodshed of the indigenous people.

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It has become apparent that Israel is watching developments across the globe with ever greater care and concern, as they now realize that the pro-Palestinian movement is gaining momentum. The Israelis pay attention to everything, no matter how seemingly insignificant. They act when it seems that a threat to their hegemony is emerging. Councils, student groups, journalists, columnists, commentators, social media groups, celebrities, human rights groups, politicians and governments are all being carefully monitored.

It is this intensity of surveillance, and tendency to move with speed on any potential target, that causes Israel to strongly resemble a voracious and highly venomous spider.

Zionism is a web, with Israel at its centre. The strands thread their way through societies from Canada to Brazil, from Ireland to South Africa. As soon as pro-Palestinian activists make a move, the strands of Zionism detect them. The vibrations return immediately to Israel where the spider waits. It will ponce quickly then. Whether it uses its Hasbara wreckers, its Mossad assassins, proxy groups such as ISIS – who are being manipulated by Israel – Zionist corporations or pro-Israeli politicians and members of civic society, the rogue state of Israel will soon attack and stun, or kill, even nascent opposition, big or small.

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Zionism is a sticky ideology that has attached itself firmly to global societies, most especially those of the West. It uses, as its glue, both the Holocaust and false charges of anti-Semitism.

Yet Israel cares little for the memory of those who perished so terribly in the genocidal practices of the Nazis. If the Zionist state was genuinely respectful of the Jewish victims, then Israel would not be treating the people of Palestine in a similar fashion to those who suffered in the ghettos of Warsaw or Łódź.

It can be reasonably argued, that anyone who tries to prevent the Israeli spider from continuing to spin its violent and supremacist agenda will be bitten, perhaps fatally. Saddam Hussein is gone and Iraq is in pieces. Muammar Gaddafi is gone and Libya is in pieces. Bashar al-Assad is not yet gone (thanks to Russia), but Syria is in pieces. Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi is in chains, and the Zionist puppet, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, plays the role delegated to him by both Israel and the US. Iran is not in pieces. Iran is strong. But Iran has repeatedly ripped the Zionist web. The spider of Israel is moving into position so that it can better attack, either directly or indirectly.

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As for the rest of us, we persevere. We must tear down the strands of Zionism more quickly than they can be repaired. We must not allow new strands to be woven anywhere. Bit by bit. Piece by piece. Strand by strand, we will reduce the Israeli web until it extends no further than the Zionist state itself.

It is then that the humanitarians of the world, who have now become engaged in the unfortunate practice of pest control, will be able to finally pierce the bloated and fetid abdomen of the spider of Zionism.

Only then will the people of Palestine, be they Muslim, Jew, Christian or other, be able to breathe freely without the toxic dust of Zionist supremacism. Only then will they be able to stand together without the horrid cobwebs of bigotry and greed covering their faces. Only then, will they be reassured that they can never again be bitten, be poisoned, by the insidious and malign spider that is Israel.

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