Know Your Zionist Enemy – Steve Schnur

In this article Rebel Voice casts the spotlight on yet another troublesome Zionist who is not as well known in public, yet is to the fore in causing untold problems for the people of Palestine. Our focus, on this occasion, is Steve Schnur.

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Schnur is the worldwide Executive Producer and President of Music for Electronic Arts (EA). This company is the largest video game producer in the world. It is responsible for names such as The Sims, Madden NFL and Medal Of Honor.

Originally from New Jersey, Schnur has spent his life in a variety of positions within the Entertainment and Gaming industries. He has been a T.V. executive producer, music supervisor, composer, record producer, President of a label and music publishing company and songwriter. He has acquired many contacts over the course of his career which he apparently uses to good effect in defence of Israel.

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(Shannon Leto, Jared leto, Richard Iwaniuk, Tomo Milicevic and Steve Schnur)

It is said that he has supervised the orchestration and production of 50 EA soundtrack albums, including original compositions for Mass Effect, The Sims, Dragon Age, Medal of Honor and Star Wars: Battlefront. His work has allegedly earned EA over 50 soundtrack nominations over a decade. He is a big fish.

Steve Schnur is also co-founder of the Zionist group, Creative Community for Peace (CCFP).

It was in 2014 that CCFP gained notoriety when it released an infamous letter signed by approximately 200 influencers from the wider Entertainment Industry, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Seth Rogen, Bill Maher, Kelsey Grammer and Minnie Driver.The ill-conceived letter condemned the political party, Hamas, who were in control of the Gaza Strip as the Israeli regime deliberately pounded residential areas there, killing more than 2000 people, 526 who were under 17, and 180 who were aged 5 and under.

The letter made no mention of the carnage wrought by Israel and instead served to deflect blame from Zionist war criminals and place it onto the victims in Gaza. No apology was ever offered by CCFP, or any of those who signed that letter, for their callous actions at that time.

As Schnur later said of his motivations in setting up CCFP,

‘We were in a position that we could contribute… And it’s easy to write a check,  but it was time to get my hands dirty.’ 

And get his hands dirty is exactly what Steve Schnur did. CCFP have been aggressively targeting the humanitarian BDS movement since its inception. They have saved particular animosity for the human rights activist, Roger Waters, who has repeatedly spoken out about the brutality of the Israeli regime and its implementation of a policy of Apartheid.

Although the UN has also stated its belief that Israel is guilty of such a despicable practice, Steve Schnur and CCFP continue to defend Israel from its growing number of global detractors.

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In an article that Schnur co-wrote with David Renzer – his co-founder at CCFP – he stated, ‘We at Creative Community For Peace (CCFP) – and our colleagues throughout the entertainment industry… continue to hope that Roger Waters will reconsider this campaign of destructive misinformation.’ It can be seen that Schnur and co are ruthlessly determined to malign Roger Waters at every opportunity. CCFP has deliberately ignored the opinion of many within the UN regarding the vile conduct of Israel, whilst continuing to perpetuate the harmful myth that Israel is a democracy and apparent bastion of western virtue.

On the Jewish Press website, Schnur stated, ‘Israel has never practiced or enforced racial segregation.’  Clearly he has never been to the West Bank or he would be aware of the policies of Apartheid as practiced by the Israeli regime there.

Observers of aggressive Zionists will note how Schnur and CCFP attempt to use ‘soft’ language when attacking their opponents. They speak of peace, and harmony, and friendship with ‘Arabs’, and living together. This is an obvious and pathetic ploy that seeks to portray those who defend Israel as reasonable. It could be termed ‘speaking with a forked tongue’, as Schnur and his fellow Zionists are all too familiar with the truth regarding Israel yet choose to ignore it. CCFP can be viewed as a Janus-faced group who thrive on insincerity. They hurt the people of Palestine by their callous antics. Steve Schnur is one of those leaders of Hollywood Zionism.


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