The Music Shop -Quirky Novel By Rachel Joyce

The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce Rebel Voice has hit a fairly decent streak in off-the-wall entertaining books of late and long may it continue. The Music Shop is one more delightfully engaging novel with a unique story-line. Frank is in his forties, single and the owner of a struggling music shop on Unity Street […]

Top 10 Musicians Who Died At The Top

It’s a morbid topic,  dwelling on those who shook off their mortal coils far too soon. There is always much talk about the ’27 Club’. But many others didn’t think to jump into that bracket. What we can say is that those who went early were sensitive individuals who found this world to be just […]

The Thrill Of It All – Novel By Joseph O’Connor

The Thrill Of It All  by Joseph O’Connor Robbie Goulding is a Hiberno-English teenager in Luton, just outside London, with a normal longing for stardom. He has colourful parents, especially his Irish father, Jimmy, and an older brother with whom he maintains a healthy rivalry based on adoration. It’s when Robbie meets Fran Mulvey, a […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Steve Schnur

In this article Rebel Voice casts the spotlight on yet another troublesome Zionist who is not as well known in public, yet is to the fore in causing untold problems for the people of Palestine. Our focus, on this occasion, is Steve Schnur. Schnur is the worldwide Executive Producer and President of Music for Electronic […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – David Renzer

The Zionist in the spotlight on this occasion is none other than David Renzer, Chairman and CEO of Spirit Music Group. Renzer is an executive with a long history in the Entertainment Industry. His career has included leadership positions with the world’s largest and best known music publishing companies. He was Chairman and CEO of […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Chrissie Hynde

The cover photo shows Chrissie Hynde on-stage in Israel, 23rd Sept, 2017, as she plays to a sell out crowd in Tel Aviv. Many would use the same description for Hynde who sold out long ago, and turned her back on the suffering of the people of Palestine. Although she received letters from Palestinian solidarity […]