Yemen Crisis Deepens With Cholera Outbreak

The current Saudi-led pogroms against the Houthi people are being facilitated by western governments, most notably the UK and the US. Civilians, including children, are being murdered in deliberate airstrikes targeting innocent populations.

The White House and Downing Street know of the carnage that their weapons have unleashed in the bloodied hands of the Saudi regime, yet they do not care. The money is rolling in from the profits accrued from such one-sided warfare. Quite a chunk of those grimy profits go into the pockets of a small number of individuals who have too much already. They get richer at the expense of the lives of Yemeni children and other civilians.

The weakened population of Yemen is now more vulnerable than ever to outbreaks of disease. They are fighting famine conditions also. Cholera is just one disease that can decimate the people. These deplorable conditions are the responsibility of the Saudis as well as their western backers.

Such right-wing profiteers will not stop voluntarily. They cannot cease their bloodletting, as it is in their sordid and greedy nature to continue extracting profits created by the blood, sweat and tears of good people. It is up to the citizens of the respective nations to stop them, by whatever means are necessary…

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