US Colonialism Today Comes Under The Spotlight

The following short video is an interesting look at how US imperialism across the globe is, in many cases, colonialism. It seems as if the policy of Manifest Destiny, perpetuated in the 1800’s, is still being implemented. The only difference is that the media are now more compliant in not broadcasting what is really happening. […]

US Military Cause Utter Destruction In Syrian Attacks

It is little known in the West that during the US attack on ISIS positions in the Syrian city of Raqqa, massive civilians casualties were caused by US artillery and shelling. The approach adopted by a gung-ho military was to view the heavily populated urban area as a free fire zone. In effect, the US […]

Death Toll At Hands Of US Military – 2.4 Million And Rising?

As the world looks on in horror at Donald Trump’s approach to Middle Eastern diplomacy, we can only wonder at how bad it’s going to get when it all kicks off. Additionally, North Korea is not a done deal as evidenced by Kim Jong Un’s withdrawal from talks with his fellow countrymen to the south. […]

US Occupation Of Syria Coincidentally In Oil-rich Areas?

Yet again, the US has managed to insert its troops in another nation without their permission, whilst managing to present it as a humanitarian mission. Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ecuador, Colombia, the list goes on and it’s the US taxpayer who foots the initial bill for such imperialism. The propaganda machine of the Empire is […]

Ecuador Attacks By Unknowns – US Troops To Regain Access To Country?

This is more on the terrorism taking place on the Ecuadorian and Colombian border. Those responsible for the attacks are not yet known. But certain vested interests are calling for a return of US troops to the region. Could it be that the supposed narco-terrorism is merely a pretext for greater involvement of US military […]

US Military Invited To Ecuador

The following article deals with a story that is flying under the radar of most. There have been attacks on the military of Ecuador along the border with Columbia. It has not been stated as to who is responsible for these attacks. Keep in mind that Colombia is very pro-US and is effectively controlled by […]

US And NATO Military Bases

The US Federal government is continually expanding its military presence across the planet in pursuit of future total global domination. Today it uses NATO as an international screen to hide behind when undertaking immoral and unethical actions.

The Reason You’re Alive

The Reason You’re Alive   by Matthew Quick This gem of a novel came out of nowhere and landed on my desk, and I’m glad. Vietnam War veteran, David Granger is 68 and has just had his twin removed from his brain, literally. Poor David was said to have absorbed his unfortunate sibling and no one […]