US Colonialism Today Comes Under The Spotlight

The following short video is an interesting look at how US imperialism across the globe is, in many cases, colonialism. It seems as if the policy of Manifest Destiny, perpetuated in the 1800’s, is still being implemented. The only difference is that the media are now more compliant in not broadcasting what is really happening.

The US Empire has managed to establish a series of footholds across the Caribbean and Pacific which it refuses to relinquish. These bases of operations are platforms with which to conduct further expansionism as and when the opportunity arises.

There is also the continuing existence of US military bases in nations such as Japan and Germany where the need for such has long gone. These launch pads for war are strengthened by others across Europe, the Middle East and East Asia. If one stands back to look at the bigger picture, it provides a frightening view of the global US military presence. There is no other reason for such positioning beyond to conduct war or to threaten to conduct war. But can any nation finance such a planet-wide endeavour? Perhaps the US Empire, in its greed, has bitten off more than it can chew?

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